Dawn Schale

Frequent guest host Dawn Schale is first a woman of vision and purpose possessing passionate desire for humanity’s greater good. She was born at sunrise, named Dawn by her father hence, her work is synonymous to the adapted phrase, “Entrance of Light”. She is accomplished of many professional industries including more than twenty-five years in a corporate environment which provided a large, contributing factor to her philosophy about life purpose, personal career and calling.  She has been a Certified Life Coach since 2010 having fully acquired and consummated her life’s purpose.
Dawn is a survivor of tumultuous upbringing as an only child and triumphant over egregious circumstances that would have left most permanently disabled in countless ways. Her natural born understanding of human behavior and inherent knowing that life was meant for more resulted in overcoming enormous challenges of emotional and mental abuse. She has a profound ‘inner life’ perspective and keen insight into the Heart of the matter that provides a unique and rare understanding of interpersonal relationships and dynamics.
Dawn possesses a depth of understanding of human nature and an unusual awareness of the expressions that people regularly speak, as language and behavior reveals what people truly believe.  It’s the core belief system and mindsets driven by such, that ultimately direct people to the choices and decisions they make. “Out of the abundance of the Heart, the mouth speaks”.
Dawn applies practical psychology,  life’s wisdom and intuition, blended with a balance of spiritual and energetic practice at a heart level.  She goes beyond the “you can do it too” standard motivational type coaching message and reaches intuitively into each individual’s Heart helping them redefine, reclaim and emerge new life going forward.
Learn more about Dawn at: www.dawnschale.com